Welcome to The Triangle Grange website 

The name "Grange" was chosen because old English farm-estates, each completing a community, were called Granges.  The Grange was originally an organization of farming families.  But now The Grange embraces both rural and urban members.  We are one of many Granges across the country that provides a hub for local community to meet, learn, socialize, have events and have fun.

Triangle Grange is available to rent for your own event as well as hosting many of its own community events throughout the year.  If you are interested in renting the Grange for your event please click on "Rent the Grange" above (or click HERE). Please note, the Triangle Park campground has been closed.

If you are interested in attending a Grange event the please click on "Calendar of Events" (or click HERE) to see what's coming up.

If you are interested in Grange membership then you can contact us at the link "Contact Us" above (or click HERE) for more information.

Thanks again for checking us out.  See you at The Grange!